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Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories

Sexy por pics Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories.

This site contains explicit queer kink erotica. All characters in role play or non-consent scenes are consenting adults. This warning will self-destruct. This has been your trigger warning. Kristen gets up from the couch and I grab for the remote, hitting pause on the second porn flick we turned on tonight.

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She was wet, and moaned a little, making a little mewl of protest when I slipped them out. My fingers came away with just a little blood and I wiped them on her leg.

She leaned in closer.

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Now, I watch her ass in tiny blue shorts as she strides across the kitchen, and I rise and follow a few steps behind, waiting until she closes the door and I hear her lift the toilet lid to open the door. She has been asking for more water sports.

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And she is very dirty. Come on, dirty girl. I hear it hit the water in the toilet before I feel it on my fingers, and I move my hand a little to touch the flow of piss. I feel it on my fingers and bring them closer to the lips of her pussy as she lets it go in a steady stream.

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She laughs and bends her neck to touch her forehead against my chest. I bring my hand up from between her legs. My fingers are wet. So are you, pretty girl. I remind her that I frequently wipe lube over her skin. Likes to leave it there so she is filthy all day. I press play and we return Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories the queer porn flick.

A minute later, she points to the dried blood on her thigh and leans in to me.

Kristen was doing that thing where she curls her back and writhes a little, looking up, eyes wide, at me from under her lashes, and I groaned inwardly and tried not to lose my composure right there. I am so done with the flick.

I swig the last of the wine. I follow her and flick off the lights.

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She strips off her shorts and tee shirt and I pull my cock out of the jersey sheet bag I keep it in on my nightstand, strip off my tee shirt, jeans, and briefs, and put the harness and cock on. She grabs the Throe, spreads it out onto the bed, and climbs up, lying on her side.

I pump the lube twice—once over the lips of her cunt, once on the head of my dick. I rub it slowly with my hand, showing off a little because I know she likes to watch me jerk off.

Her legs are open on either side of my knees.

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Her cunt is mostly bare, her lips are pink and swollen. I grip her inner thighs in my hands and poise my cock with my hips. Taking the cock in my fist, I use the head of my cock to rub the lube along her slit, rubbing it on her cunt, slick and smooth, and then smack her with Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories a few times, before I slide in.

I reach up to her wrists and my hands fit so easily around them, she feels so small. A request to hold Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories harder, a request to keep her down. We both shudder as I slide in deeper and put more of my weight down onto her, and she wraps her legs around me, her arms around my shoulders. I fuck her harder, reaching down with my right hand to lop my elbow around her calf and pull her knee up, her legs apart. I wish it was a given that I would fuck her like this until I shoot.

I wish it was more consistent, to come inside her, to get off while she writhes. She moans in my ear and squirms under me. I shift some weight onto my knees and spread my forearm out across her chest, pressing her down into the bed. She starts begging and I start losing it.

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Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories work my hips harder, pulling out and slamming back in, splaying my knees a little to get a better grip on the bed so I can keep my angle and friction. I put my hand over her mouth. Her eyes plead and I hold her down by her jaw, cautiously but firm, and work my hips.

I lift my hand up and she breathes in, and I close it back down on her mouth again, this time over her nose, too. I love how you take it, my good girl. She splays her hips open and gives me everything. I lift my hand from her mouth and she gasps, breathes in.

I bring my fingers to her clit and she starts yelling, open mouthed. She manages to get some words out. She does, immediately, and I keep going. Do it for your Daddy. Come on, show off for me. She gasps and shudders, grabbing at my shoulders and upper arms as she thrashes against me.

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I hold her down, bite her shoulder, and she pushes against Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories, coming again. I kiss her, whisper dirty nothings in her ear. She catches her breath and I sit up, kneeling between her legs, then grab at her thighs and turn her over to her stomach. I pull on her hips.

She squeals a little; she likes it, but it stings. She wants to take more pain. I slide my cock back insider her and press my palm down into her back, smacking her shoulder blades hard enough to make some dramatic noise but not so hard as to leave any red marks. She moans into the pillow.

My hand reaches around for her clit. Make it dirty, little slut. I know how you are. My slutty little girl. I want a gush, want to feel it drip down my thighs. I lean back and shove my fingers in, start working her g-spot and her clit between two fingers and my thumb, still pressing her back down into the bed. I can feel her swelling and pressing against my fingers as she squirts, gushing, and I feel it on my thighs. I pull her back onto my lap, both of us on our knees, stacked, and hold her as she leans back into me, Nasty lesbian licking erotic stories her breath.

We breathe in sync. She moves off of me first and we both stretch out our legs, shake out the cramps in our knees. My cock is smeared with blood and come and lube—the blood, at least, I can see. It kind of stings.

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