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Friends is one of those sitcoms that went on for many years and still finished strong when it ended after ten amazing seasons.

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Who can forget the love story of Ross and Rachel? Or Monica and Chandler?

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Or the love-hate sibling rivalry between Ross and Monica? But like all long-running TV shows, it had its fair share of behind-the-scenes goings-on that were not for public consumption.

The actors lives paralleled that...

The six friends seemed like such a fun bunch, not just onscreen, but in real life as well. While all the actors genuinely like each other, not all of them are as close as they used to be.

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They still keep in touch every so often, but some are closer to each other than others. They are the only ones who still hang out on a regular basis, going on vacations together and such. Many actors were considered for the roles of the Friends characters, but ultimately, six virtual then-unknowns were Did ross and rachel hookup in real life.

Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch both read for the part of Phoebe and actually became friends after meeting at the auditions. During the pilot season, Perry filmed the pilot for a show called LAX simultaneous to the Friends filming. It was obvious on the show, as there were certain seasons that he was gauntly thin, once dropping to pounds, only to balloon to several pounds a season or two later.

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