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Pebbles always

Good Video 18+ Pebbles always.

Pebbles was my first. The very first artist that I wanted to BE, that is.

Always Lyrics: Cherrelle? / Yes,...

She was gorgeous with that metric ton of curly hair, tight black everything, a constant red lip. And she was all brazen attitude and classy swagger that I emulated to no end, much to the chagrin of my parents. I was and remain a huge Madonna and Janet Jackson stan, but I wanted to look and act like Pebbles and Jody Watley at the top of what would Pebbles always the most momentous and influential Pebbles always in music thus far to me -- the '90s.

Funny thing, though, I wasn't so much into Pebbles' self-titled debut, although "Girlfriend" and "Mercedes Boy" were and are the jams. Perhaps it was Pebbles always age; in the three years between Pebbles and Alwaysher sophomore album and the focus of this write-up, I developed my first crush and subsequent heartbreak.

I was fast approaching middle school so, ya know, I was grown and stuff. I had become aware of boys and suddenly all those love and love lost songs took on a different meaning.

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Reid who executive produced Always and whose music partner, Babyfaceappears on one of Pebbles always biggest hits of Pebbles' career, "Love Makes Things Happen.

Not quite the commercial success of her platinum first album, but Pebbles certainly had Pebbles always than one ace in the hole -- namely a teenage girl group called 2nd Nature that she'd discovered and begun managing via her production company Pebbitone.

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She'd later replace one of the three original singers and rename them TLC. My frenzy for Pebbles, in fact, came to a head when TLC debuted.

Their appearance, along with Salt-N-Pepawho lend a saucy rap interlude as they are wont to do, make watching this video squeal-worthy to this day. What an assembly of musical powerhouses. A triumvirate of black Pebbles always power.

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Her marriage to L. Reid would end a year later.

Always is the second studio...

It's not much of a surprise that Pebbles suffered a crippling depression and eventually became disillusioned with the secular music industry altogether. But after "the hand of God touched [her] life," she found a new calling and became a Christian minister Pebbles always gospel singer using her real name, Perri Reidor, Sister Perri.

I'll forever maintain that Ms.

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Reid made an indelible mark on music. I almost broke out into thug tears re-listening to this album; the memories I have tied to her music are amazing.

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