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Larry flints hustler club shreveport la

Sexy Photo Larry flints hustler club shreveport la.

Stuck in Shreveport for business, yet associates wishing go for club. Yet only one single club in this city? Larry flints hustler club shreveport la, so we have Hustler Club.

After short cab ride, we are there. Wow, ok that's nice but they maybe wish for more customers? There is central bar, nice lighting, center stage with revolving stripper pole. There is good number of patron sitting the small circle tables around edge of stage. The drink are strong and well mix. There is a older larger gentleman sitting at rail, tipping larger stripper. After 1 hour sipping drink and decline dance from the few unattractive dancer there, I am finally see her.

She is the tall, long brown hair, very pretty face and eye, no tattoo, very pleasant voice. Dancing on stage and bump the side of her hip against the pole is one of her move.

So I sit to stage and whisper to her I wishing see her afterwards. She come to our table afterward and take me back to lapdance section. Many comfortable sofa area along side of wall.

So I feel the dance is interrupted every time a new song coming. But bouncer did not bother at all. It is enjoyable two way contact dance with very very beautiful girl, panty on, topless.

Then she have to leave to give dance for a couple, then another customer, promise she will return. But she is only pretty dancer in club, and my associate agree. They also receive dance from her, and no other pretty dancer working at this club, just handful of ugly dancer. Now 2am, we leave. This club have potential, but must hire Larry flints hustler club shreveport la number of attractive dancer. Visited this club since it was across the street from my hotel and I needed to change my luck.

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Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky there either and as the title states "It's Shreveport". The club itself is two levels and very posh for LA. The second level patrons do pay a "VIP charge" to enter, but its location is furthest from the main stage. I took up residence next to the main stage and later moved to a table on the second row from the main stage. These locations gave me exceptional views of the dancers and allowed me to introduce myself when I tipped them.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

I think this is a better location than the second level, since you can actually see the dancer up close and personal and you will want to do that. The dancer quality is surprisingly very good. However, just not in numbers or unfortunately not in attitude either.

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I tipped numerous dancers during my 2 -3 hours there and only had one dancer actually come over to my table. The funny thing about that was she was not one that I had tipped. At first I thought it was because I was not perched upstairs in "VIP", but I noticed them circulating pretty good on the first level and not just camping out upstairs. I hope the customers they chose to sit with downstairs were their regulars because I didn't see many buying dances from them.

After this treatment I decided to head back to the casino since the tables were calling me, but was stopped by "Nicolle" when passing the bar on the way out. She was one of the stunners I tipped earlier on main stage. I told her I was on my way out since no one had offered to dance for me. I kindly turned her down and was about to leave when she then said four dances and I could get the drinks afterward because we would both need them then.

Larry flints hustler club shreveport la pondered the offer for a few minutes and then reluctantly gave in. My Larry flints hustler club shreveport la at strip clubs and big head said no, but my little head took over since I had come to the club prepared to experience some dances.

We go Larry flints hustler club shreveport la the booths on the right side of the club and her dances began as mostly air, but progressed in intensity as we moved toward the fourth. During the third I told her I wanted to leave smiling and directed her hand for at least some stick shifting. She of course mentioned the cameras that apparently are in all the VIP booths at Larry Flynts clubs and whispered that she should come to my hotel room so we could pleasure each other.

After the fourth dance, I settled up with her including a small tip for a drink. She then asked for my cell number, said she would call me and would come to my room after 4 am when she got off with a bottle.

Stuck in Shreveport for business,...

I agreed knowing that was not going to happen, politely thanked her, and left. I'm still waiting for her call This was my first time in Shreveport, and i was adamant that I would check out the SC scene there.

Hustler was around the corner a block or 2 from my hotel. I was finally able to make it there around 8pm on a Friday. The Hustler Shreveport is right near some casinos downtown, right on the Red River.

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Upon walking in there is a long hallway before you get in the main area of the club. Just your typical Hustler club merch section and what not. Once in the club is pretty well lit. There is the main stage and bar.

There is an upstairs VIP experience section overlooking the main area, though I didn't partake. The club itself was very clean and small enough to provide good views of the talent. They have semi private-areas in the main part of the club, and more private couch areas in the back.

They are also true to the club on Bourbon in that they have those dance fee machines that time out your dance prepaid like a carwash.

Not my favorite way to get a lapdance. I mean practically two over every booth, so be sure to buy security a good show.

There were a few that were making the rounds that I had to politely decline company with. Out of all of the talent, 3 were on my radar that I would get dances from. Larry flints hustler club shreveport la first dance and last was with a blonde, probably early 30s, who had a pretty incredible figure with added enhancements. She was okay company, but mostly made boring small talk.

I bought one of the dances from the couch machine area but with all of the cameras it just wasn't sensational. That relegated me to the main area where I grabbed a bucket seat by a small table and watched the pole work, which was somewhat impressive. I left after 2 hours and did some gambling instead. I wasn't expecting much so I left with a much better opinion than when I started the night, though for me the eyes in the sky killed my mood for LDs.

The club itself, the layout is stellar and the club was clean and the drinks were good, for me though, I just didn't feel Larry flints hustler club shreveport la LD area.

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I decided to visit later in the day to see if I would get a better experience. When I arrived, the parking lot was full.

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When I went in, a bouncer checked my ID and took my cover. I have no idea what that is. Most dancers did not approach me, but were friendly when I approach them.

I saw several couples there giving each other lap dances out in the open. I'm not sure if that's even allowed.

Its not a club where you can do a lot of touching in the lap dance area. You can generally touch their arms, legs, and hips a little, but not too much. There are more bouncers when its crowded.

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They kind of hover around the private dance area. They have a mixture of different types of dancers, which is good. The dances are just as good as they are at any other club. I think that going after 9pm helps, as there are more dancers than earlier in the day. I'm sure its more on Fridays and Saturdays.

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They also have discounts like free entry codes you can get off their Facebook page. I would say its a good experience, especially since I dont have to be paranoid of the bouncer while I'm there.

Went there on my buddy's birthday.

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We got there around 10, there was about 5 girls in there, only 1 dancing on the mains stage. We had VIP passes so we were chilling on the second floor. VIP doesn't mean anything but access to the second floor, where there is a smaller stage, and there are less people, so you can get really close to the stage.

We had a few beers and watched the girls. Around midnight or so, more girls started to come in. There was this tall skinny brunette that caught my eye. I asked her for a lap dance right after she got off the stage.

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