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I wanna marry harry season finale

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The series sent a dozen American women to an estate outside of London to vie for the affections of a dead-ringer for His Royal Highness. In reality, the faux Harry who picked Birch in the finale is a year-old environmental consultant named Matthew Hicks.

Well, here it is, AT...

For me it became harder and harder to believe that he actually was [Prince Harry]. Birch recently opened up about being on the show and answered the biggest question of all: Are she and Matt still together? The show was filmed last August and September.

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Nine months later, are you and Matt still dating? We got to spend a nice weekend together in Palm Springs several months ago.

We genuinely like each other and have spoken regularly from the moment we stopped filming. How seriously did the contestants wonder whether Matt was actually Prince Harry A: Like, no way — could he really be on a reality TV show right now with 12 American girls?

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