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Short on money, the creators animated the episode using paper cutout stop motion technique, similar to the short films that were the precursors to the series.

For South Park: The Stick...

Part of a reaction to the culture wars of the s and s in the United States, South Park is deliberately offensive. Much of the show's humor, and of "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", arises from the juxtaposition of the seeming innocence of childhood and the violent, crude behavior exhibited by the main characters. The episode also exemplifies the carnivalesquewhich includes humor, bodily excess, linguistic games that challenge official discourse, and the inversion of social structures.

Despite South Park eventually Anal probe combination to immense popularity and acclaim, initial reviews of the pilot were generally negative; critics singled Anal probe combination the gratuitous obscenity of the show for particular scorn. Regarding the amount of obscenity in the episode, Parker later commented that they felt "pressure" to live up to the earlier shorts which first made the duo popular.

Critics also compared South Park unfavorably with what they felt were more complex and nuanced animated shows, such as Beavis and Butt-Head and The Simpsons. Kyle tells Ike he cannot come to school with him. Cartman tells the boys about a dream he had the previous night about being abducted by aliens. The others try to convince Anal probe combination the events did happen and that the aliens are called "visitors", but Cartman refuses to believe them. Chef pulls up in his car and asks if the boys saw the alien spaceship the previous evening, inadvertently confirming Cartman's "dream", and relays stories of alien anal probes which throughout the episode Cartman denies he experienced.

After Chef leaves, the school bus picks up the boys, and looking out the back window they watch in horror as the visitors abduct Ike. Kyle spends the rest of the episode attempting to rescue him.

"Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"...

At school, Cartman begins Anal probe combination fire, and Kyle unsuccessfully tries to convince his teacher, Mr. Garrisonto excuse him from class to find his brother.

When Chef learns that Kyle's brother was abducted and sees a machine emerge from Cartman's anus, he helps the boys escape from school by pulling the fire alarm. Once outside, Cartman reiterates that his abduction was only a dream, when suddenly he is hit by a beam, causing him to begin singing and dancing to I Love to Singa.

Soon afterward, a spaceship appears.

Alien Abduction - South Park:...

Kyle throws a stone and the spaceship fires back, propelling Kenny into the road. As he gets Anal probe combination up, he is trampled over by a herd of cows, but survives. A police car then runs Kenny over and kills him. Stan and Kyle meet Wendy at Stark's Pond, where she suggests using the machine lodged inside Cartman to contact the visitors.

To lure them back, the children tie Cartman to a tree and, the next time he farts, a massive satellite dish emerges from his anus. The alien spaceship arrives and Ike jumps to safety. In the meantime, the visitors communicate with the cows in the area, having found them to be the most intelligent species on the planet.

Cartman is again abducted by the aliens and returns to the bus stop the following day with pinkeye. The origins of South Park go back to when Trey Parker and Anal probe combination Stonestudents at the University of Coloradocreated a Christmas-related animated short commonly known as " Jesus vs. The low-budget, crudely made animation featured prototypes for the main characters of South Park. Fox Broadcasting Company executive Brian Graden saw the film and in commissioned Parker and Stone to create a second short that he could send to his friends as a video Christmas card.

Titled The Spirit of Christmasalso known as " Jesus vs.

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Santa ", the short more closely resembled the style of the later series. After the shorts began to generate interest for a possible television series, Parker and Stone developed a concept based on the town of South Park and the characters Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman.

South Park was part of a reaction to the culture wars of the s and s in the United States, in which issues such as Murphy Brown 's motherhood, Tinky Winky's sexualityand the Simpsons ' family values were extensively debated. The culture wars, and political correctness in particular, were driven by the belief that relativism was becoming more relevant to daily life and thus what were perceived as "traditional" and reliable values were losing their place in American society.

South Parkone scholar explains, "made a name for itself as rude, crude, vulgar, offensive, and potentially dangerous" within this debate about values. Its critics argued that Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny were poor role models for children while its supporters Anal probe combination the show's defense of free speech.

The finished pilot was 28 minutes long, which was too long to air, as Parker Anal probe combination Stone did not realize that more time should be allowed for television commercials during the half-hour spot reserved for an episode on Comedy Central.

The idea for the town of South Park came from the real Colorado basin of the same name where, according to the creators, a lot of folklore and news reports originated about "UFO sightings, and cattle mutilations, and Bigfoot sightings. Regarding the language in Anal probe combination episode, Parker has said that they "felt the pressure to live up to Spirit of Christmas ", which contains a lot of obscenities, and as a result, they "tried to push things Frosty" and "Jesus vs.

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Santa", Anal probe combination to produce Internet buzz, the network paid Parker and Stone to write one more episode. In writing " Weight Gain ", the duo sought to give the network an idea of how each episode could differ from the others.

The network liked the script and agreed to commit to a series when Parker and Stone said they would not write another individual episode until Comedy Central signed off on a season of at least six episodes. Describing the Anal probe combination tone of the show, Teri Fitsell of The New Zealand Herald explains that "South Park is a vicious social satire that works by spotlighting not the immorality of these kids but their amorality, and contrasting it with the conniving hypocrisy of the adults who surround them.

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The humor of the show comes from the "disparity" between the "cute" appearance of the characters and their "crude" behavior. Don't people remember what they were like in third grade? We were little bastards. For example, Anal probe combination instructs Stan and Wendy to "make sweet love down by the fire", a phrase he learns from Chef.

The episode employs what literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin calls the carnivalesque.

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South Park as Carnivalesque Satire", the style consists of four crucial elements: Cartman's body—his Anal probe combination and his inability to control his farting—is supposed to exemplify the grotesque. The boys swear throughout the episode, using words and phrases such as "fat ass" and "dildo", challenging the boundaries of appropriate language.

Finally, the social structure of the town is inverted, as the episode focuses on the knowledge that the four boys have of the aliens as opposed to the ignorant and Anal probe combination adults. Moreover, the aliens perceive the cows as more intelligent than the humans, inverting the species order.

South Park tends to employ large-scale musical numbers in its episodes, often parodying s cartoons. For example, Cartman sings part of " I Love to Singa ", from the cartoon of the same name, when he is struck by a beam from the alien ship. Anal probe combination station representative said "It's for the audience coming back from the pub with a curry. Bruce Fretts of Entertainment Weekly thought poorly of the writing and characters, stating Anal probe combination "If only the kids' jokes were as fresh as their mouths" and "It might help if the South Park kids had personalities, but they're as one-dimensional as the show's cut-and-paste animation".

He argued that viewers "have to come into Anal probe combination Park' with a bent for irony, sarcasm, anger and an understanding that cardboard cut-out animation of foul-mouthed third-graders is a tragically underused comic premise. Calling the series "sophomoric, gross, and unfunny", Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel believed that this episode "makes such a bad impression that it's hard to get on the show's strange wavelength.

He singled out Cartman, calling him "the most vibrant of the bunch", describing him as "a bitter old man living in an 8-year-old's body". The Complete First Seasonwhich was released on November 12, The original, unaired version of the pilot had seen only limited release. The back cover of this release features a description of the unaired pilot by South Park animation director Eric Stough.

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