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August 22nd, 0 Breaking News: Susan's Place Transgender Resources. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Will I be benefit from a Brow Ridge reduction? Can someone of of you who have had brow ridge reduction give me some opinions about my brow ridge. Thanks I think my brow ridge is not too bad ,but the surgeon recommend me do it for better. What you think ,Do you think I will be benefit form the Brow ridge reduction surgery?

Do you think I need it or I can Heavy brow bone lesbian away without it. I appreciate all the replied Many thanks Han.

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I'm guessing you are Asian, based on your name and the web address and picture you linked. I believe that for Asian transgender women, brow ridge reduction surgery is critically important. A lot of western transgender women can get away without getting brow ridge reduction, because some western cis women have slight brow ridges. But Asian cis women?

None of them have brow ridges at all. Heavy brow bone lesbian passing especially amongst other Asians is important to you, brow ridge reduction surgery will be very beneficial. I had it done myself, and it was very much worth it. Yes, your brow ridge is visible to me in your pictures.

From one Asian trans woman to another, I recommend you to get the surgery if you can afford it. I also had my doubts before I had brow ridge reduction surgery, because most of my non-Asian Heavy brow bone lesbian friends said that I did not need it.

But I had an Asian trans friend who told me to do the surgery, and I'm glad I did. I noticed a difference in how other Asians looked at me after I had it done. I'm Eurasian and now live in Bangkok.

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I had a slight brow which was shaved and my thai tg friends have two options, some shave and others add fillers. Asian female foreheads are rounder and for the best aesthetics the appropiate method should be selected for the roundness. Best to consult an open minded surgeon. When we first start our journey the perception and moral values all dramatically change in wonderment.

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